let's electrify oregon

creating a healthier and more affordable future for oregon communities

find out what you can do to lower your energy bills and transition Oregon to a clean energy future

There are countless reasons to upgrade your home, and what’s right depends on your needs. Learn more about why people across Oregon are electrifying their homes and transportation and how you can too.

learn the basics of an energy-efficient home

Learn how you can make your home more energy efficient. Find ways save money by switching to clean energy.

get your free guide and find help making a plan

Tell us about your home to learn what rebates you can get, find contractors, get savings estimates, and more.

find resources to help you take action

Get a home energy audit. Find contractors, incentives, and other resources to help you take action toward an electrified future.

boost your quality of life while joining the fight against climate change

Learn how you can switch to high-efficiency, electric appliances and vehicles to save money, live better, and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

An electric car charging with a sunset in the distance

Electric vehicles

EVs and hybrid plugins help you use less gas while embracing the comforts a new vehicle

Someone attaching a battery to their e-bike

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are energy-efficient alternatives for short-distance car trips, with family-friendly and cargo options.

Someone rolling insulation into an attic, dress in protective gear

Insulation, doors & windows

Keep your home temperatures more consistent and increase your energy savings

Solar panels on a house, from above

Rooftop solar

Convert sunlight into electricity to create a more resilient home, selling the excess

Someone installing a home battery for solar

Home battery

With solar panels, store excess electricity for backup and emergency power

An drone photo of a wind farm, showcasing massive wind turbine blades

Renewable energy plans

Your energy provider might offer a renewable energy plan – we'll help you find out


what to expect

Tell us about your home to get free, personalized help making your home more energy efficient. Get started to see installers, find rebates, get advice, seek estimates, and more.

Getting started


Get personalized education

Tell us about your home, and you'll get cost and savings estimates, along with overviews of what to expect.

Prepare to replace

Making a plan can save you money when your appliances and vehicles eventually break down.


Make the switch

Use your personalized, step-by-step guides to weatherproof your home and replace aging appliances and vehicles.


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electrify oregon works to power each of our homes and vehicles with renewable energy

We are a grassroots network of community-based organizations working at the local level to make it easier for individuals to electrify their homes and communities. Our member organizations provide education, motivation, resources, assistance with home energy upgrades, and local policy work. Electrify Oregon builds the capacity of its member organizations and promotes collaboration and collective action for maximum impact.

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